Broward Jail (BSO) – Traffic & Misdemeanor Warrants now serving time

Broward County Jail (BSO) has begun implementing a newer computer system.  Could the new system make for shorter arrest, processing and release procedures?  We doubt it.

Broward Bail Bonds had offered services to defendants who received notification that they have a warrant for their arrest and our office was able to lift warrants for minor charges like traffic tickets and misdemeanors by assisting them with turning themselves in at the main lobby of the jail, being processed and then released all within an hour or so – but that may be a service of the past.

Recently, BSO has set up a new computer system that may now require those clients with minor arrest warrants to be held and fully processed at the jail to lift their warrants.  This process can now take up to 18 hours of incarceration and require full processing of a defendant.

What does this mean to those clients who missed court on a traffic or misdemeanor charge or forgot to pay their ticket by the due date?  JAIL TIME!  (up to 18 hours).  That’s just not right!

We spoke with a few officials at the jail who said this may or may not be a permanent situation, and could only be temporary while the computer and jail employees gets adjusted and acquainted with the new system, but as of now FULL PROCESSING is required to lift all warrants.  We’ll keep you posted on any new and updated information.

In the mean time…. If you have missed court and fear there is a warrant for your arrest, you CAN STILL file a Motion with your Judge to lift your warrant and reschedule your court date.  This process does not immediately lift the  warrant and could take up to two weeks but it could save you from going to jail on that warrant.  Call our office for assistance and more information 954-767-4744.

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